Ollie Cow

The first thing that struck me about Luis Tolentino when I met him was his peaceful demeanor. Defying pro-skateboarder stereotypes, Tolentino had an introspective and quiet nature to him that went very much against the gritty, action-packed urban skateboarding video the Red Bull team had originally envisioned.

I decided that the best option for us was to compliment his personality, showcase his talent (at the time he was the record holder for the highest ollie in the world) and tell his story – one of a humble New Yorker hoping to rediscover his roots while skateboarding in the Dominican countryside.

The result is this poignant, strikingly beautiful and unexpected clip that we filmed in one day in collaboration with a local production crew.

My contributions to this project were: concept development, scripting, location scouting, athlete relationship and production.